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Sunday, 17 March 2013

“The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long.”

If you want to know what is going  on with Te Runanga o Ngati Awa go to your hapu meeting.

Or at least that was the message from Te Runanga o Ngati Awa through chief executive Enid Ratahi-Pryor at the special meeting held at Wairaka Marae on March 6.

And she is right but here is my problem. I went to my hapu meeting. I got given a copy of the key point summary of the TRONA board meeting that was held last month.
However that report does not match my recollection of the meeting.

Where was the mention of the Audit Committee report and the potential workshop? Or the media threat and new embargo policy? Or the adoption of the new conflict of Interest policy? Or even the discussion of this blog?
There was none of the controversial stuff, instead what is in there is all of the feel-good stuff that paints the runanga out to be doing a good job, but how is this fair?

Don’t get me wrong, the runanga is making some positive moves in some areas and I am really glad of that but there are also some very concerning signs and I would feel better if we had a bit more of an idea about what is going on.

I mean how do you lose $5.2 million in less than five years and no-one is held to account?
I for one would prefer a copy of the minutes to be given to hapu delegates that way we know what motions have been passed and what has been discussed at the meeting.

And while some of you may say and think that it is the job of our hapu delegate to inform us, I have serious doubts about the sharing of information that exists within the runanga’s structure.
Bear with me and I will explain my reasoning.

At that meeting at Wairaka Marae, Mrs Ratahi-Pryor had come armed.
Rather than adhering to outline that had been identified by those in attendance she made a presentation.

She began by outlining the structure of runanga, pointing out that board chairman Te Kei Merito is her boss.
“Your link is through the board. (Chairman) Te Kei Merito is my boss. I actually link directly to Te Kei. Initially I didn’t have a link to the hapu but im going to change that. That is why I am here,” she said.

She said it was part of a new initiative to “walk among the people”.
“It is about me coming to put some reality to some of the korero… This evening is about starting a journey, a journey of discovery.

“I have heard that many of the voices aren’t being heard and that is why I’m here…. Much of what I’m hearing is about accountability, transparency and responsibility.”
She then launched into plans to relocate the runanga’s offices from Ngati Awa House on Louvain Street.

Explaining the offices were too big because of the scaling back of staff she said Ngati Awa House could be leased out and earn a rent.
The property has been registered with a real estate agents and when a tenant is found then the runanga’s offices will be relocated.

Mrs Ratahi-Pryor said management was considering three options: the army hall near the wharf, the old court-house building or some other site.
However according to Mrs Ratahi-Pryor the army hall site was too valuable for offices and it could be used to build a boutique hotel, shops or an office building to be leased out.

Turning her attention to the court-house and the strip of land behind it, she explained that this site was considered very viable because of the proximity to the wharenui.
“There is a Mataatua and we believe we need to be near Mataatua so that it can be kept alive and warm.”

She then went on to say the runanga could not afford to build new offices at the moment but it was hoped that they would one day and the tentative plans are to develop the land next to the court-house.
This is land that is currently being used for affordable iwi housing to uri from Ngati Hokopu ki Wairaka, Ngati Hokopu ki Hokowhitu and Wharepaia.

Mrs Ratahi-Pryor said a new office could be paid for by using the land more effectively.
“Currently we are trying to use the assets of Ngati Awa more efficiently.

“We haven’t yet come to any firm idea as to what the triangle will look like. I’m not into turfing our people out but it is about development.”
Situated in the heart of Wairaka, the news that runanga had plans to develop this land shocked many at the meeting.

There had always been the rumours that the runanga was looking at developing this land and there it was clearly outlined on a schematic plan.
But, she said, nothing had been confirmed yet because she knew that things were likely get more difficult once Ngati Hokopu knew for sure.

And now here is where it gets interesting.
Mrs Ratahi-Pryor said once a tenant is found for Ngati Awa House, the runanga could move into the court-house because the TRONA board had signed off on it and no resource consent was needed.

“Yes, we could move in tomorrow if we wanted to.”
However Ngati Hokopu ki Wairaka delegate Charlie Bluett disputed the claim that the board had passed a resolution allowing this to happen. He said that was not his recollection.

Mrs Ratahi-Pryor was confident this was so and was supported in her stance by TRONA deputy-chairman Pouroto Ngaropo, who had also attended the meeting. And as further evidence she said she would get a copy of the minutes of that meeting and give it to Ngati Hokopu.                                                                   
Ngati Hokopu ki Wairaka still have not received a copy of the minutes or any evidence of the resolution and I have spoken to another board member who agrees with Mr Bluett’s assertion. So who has the right recollection? Hopefully Mrs Ratahi-Pryor will remember to send the minutes soon so that we can see.
And hopefully this explains my doubt around whether the right information is coming out of the runanga.

I mean, did you know that Graham Pryor is the head of the Investments Committee and Brian Tunui is the new chairman of the Audit Committee? But more about that later.
Ma te wa.


  1. The ngapuhi runganga spent $3.2M on hui to get mandate ...the Tau Tax

    1. Who cares. Keep your Ngapuhi nawe to yourself and the North. We have our own dramas already.

  2. i'd keep a close eye on te kei merito, i bet he is the puppet master

  3. To whom it may concern, your comment about "Tau Tax" is irrelevant to what is being discussed in this particular story. I suggest you get your facts in order and find out exactly what Nga Puhi financials are in terms of your comment, these accounts can be easily accessed, just ring the chair of Tuhoronuku and he will tell you. Clearly, the way you have stated your comments, is feeble. 3.2 mil on a mandate that will see Nga Puhi rake in around 300 mil to half a billion dollars (it may even be more) in treaty settlement will be seen by many Nga Puhi as money well spent. Here it lies, the GOVT has to pay back the 3.2 million to Nga Puhi.

    Since you have raised the issue of treaty settlement. What did Ngati Awa settle for, $42 mil and the person who sealed the fiscal envelope was his truly Mr Wira Gardiner, Ngai Tahu and Waikato Tainui were able to negotiate as part of their settlements, that if the 1 billion budget of the fiscal envelope would go over they would get a percentage of the excess amount the Crown would pay to settle grievances. So why did Mr Wira Gardiner not negotiate this for Ngati Awa? Wasn't he a key negotiator for Ngati Awa?

  4. As you say, get your facts right. Wira was not a negotiator for Ngati Awa when the settlement was negotiated. The Crown REFUSED to grant a relativity clause to ANY OTHER CLAIMANTS outside of Waikato and Ngai Tahu. That stance remains to this day. No one else including Nga Puhi will ever get a relativity clause.

  5. Thank you for answering my questions. It just shows that what is being portrayed in and out of the public forum about what Mr Wira Gardiner has done for Ngati Awa in terms of its deed of settlement is not true.

    Since you seem to know some of the critical facts about Ngati Awa's treaty settlement, are you able to answer the following questions to give us who don't know some clarity:
    Who were the key negotiators for Ngati Awa?
    Is this public knowledge or not?
    What role did Mr Wira Gardiner play in Ngati Awa's settlement process?
    What was your role in the deed of settlement process?


    1. Not too sure what you mean about what is or is not in the public domain. Can you be more specific? In 1995 Te Runanga o Ngati Awa elected Hirini Mead, Stan Keepa, Mahiti Wilson, Paul Quinn and Layne Harvey as negotiators along with a support team of Joe Mason, Pouroto Ngaropo and Sharon Heta. When the deed of settlement was finally signed ten years later in 2005 this same group remained in place apart from Layne Harvey who resigned in 2002.

      Wira was appointed as a director of the Ngati Awa investment company during this time and became chairman on the death of Stan Keepa in May 1998.

      Once the settlement was received Wira became chairman of Ngati Awa group holdings Ltd the asset holding company and he remains in this role to this day. After the settlement he also acted as interim CEO of the Runanga for a period of time.

      All of this information has been available to the people of Ngati Awa when the decisions were made. The annual reports and minutes of the Runanga meetings are proof of this. All of this information I have accessed with ease from the Runanga as a registered beneficiary of my hapu. My role has been to attend hui like any other beneficiary, have my say, make written submissions and vote as I please as a member of hapu.

      Hope that answers your questions.

    2. Yes, the above has answered questions posed.

    3. What I mean by public domain is, Mr Wira Gardiner is portrayed as the key negotiator for Ngati Awa treaty settlement, here in Wellington and everywhere else outside of Ngati Awa, thats all we hear from central govt and corporate businesses. He has used this portrait to gain himself accreditation for solving maori/crown relation issues etc. Thats why the National Government send him around the motu to coordinate consultation processes and procedures, and not because he is Hekia's husband... It would be interesting to see what his answers are to those questions I have asked for you to answer. Do you reckon we would get the same answers as you have given? Or will Mr Wira Gardiner throw his toys out of the cot, like he did at the last AGM when asked direct questions.... probably

    4. If you knew Wira's CV you would see that being involved in Ngati Awa is the least of his roles. He is a Masters grad and a published author. He was a Lt Colonel in the Army, National Director of Civil Defence, the first Director of the Waitangi Tribunal, the head of Iwi Transition Agency and then Te Puni Kokiri. The Labour government, the political enemies of his wife, then appointed him to every Mr Fix It job going: Head of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, head of Te Mangai Paho, and roles within governance for Maori TV. National also appointed him to roles like on the Board of Te Ohu Kaimoana, chair of Te Papa Tongarewa and head of the Tertiary Education Commission. So his role with Ngati Awa is one of many. His cv speaks for itself really. This is probably why he gets appointed. So your suggestion that he trades on his roles within Ngati Awa for personal advancement doesn't really add up when viewed against these facts.

      I read this all in Pu Kaea.

      Why don't you ask him directly? I am sure the runanga staff can get you an appointment. Then you'd know.

    5. All Wiras ever done is be payed to be a crown agent and use the misplaced loyalty of Maori to get them to see it the crown's way. He is a riwai - a brown pakeha. As you have pointed out he came from the military - the only way to get up in that system is to say "yes, sir" to the pakehas. He is a pakeha puppet of no real political influence. His misses needs the cut too. Look at all the roles you have pointed out = National tight crown agent who has sold our people out.

      The only reason people Wira are allowed to go on as they do without being checked is because dummies like you keep defending them. You probably owe them something so your looking after yours just like they have. Shame on You. Shame on Then.

    6. Your personal abuse says more about you than anything else. Nowhere above have I abused you in any way.

      Wira doesn't need defending. The facts speak for themselves. He salvaged Aotearoa wananga when it was under threat. Ask the chairman of that institution at the time. He salvaged Awanuiarangi when a former CEO failed to reconfigure the institution following overnight changes in government funding that caused millions in losses. Wira also secured more funding for Maori tv and radio broadcasters through TMP and Maori TV. There are many more examples. His track record makes it clear that he has done a lot for Maori. His influence in getting resources and services for Maori seems to be a lot more than yours. Can I ask what have you ever done for our people?

      Also many of our men and women have served in the armed forces honourably and some with their lives over the years. I prefer to honour their service and sacrifice on ANZAC Day rather than abuse one of them as you have done.

      Slogans and cliches are no substitute for argument. You're entitled to your opinion. We all are. When you descend into personal attacks and abuse your credibility diminishes.

      Wira owes me nothing and neither do I owe him. So your personal remarks are wrong.

      If anyone should be ashamed it's not me.

  6. The CEO is a control freak. The Deputy Chair is her lapdog. Their relationship is incestuos. This spells DANGER!

    1. When people resort to personal abuse it's usually a sign of lack substance or argument. Fact 1 previous CEOS ran up a debt of nearly $1 million by wasting money on unaffordable and unsustainable projects and staff. This included using interest from Mataatua funding when that money was being depleted for the building project. Previous CEOs failed to make provision for loss of income. Fact 2 Runanga ordered old CEOs to make cuts and get budget back under control. Fact 3 Runanga approved plan, twice, during time of previous CEOs. Fact 4 previous CEOs failed to implement Runanga instructions paprt from interim CEO Haines who did some of that work. Fact 5 new CEO has implemented Runanga instructions and brought budget back under control. Fact 6 Chairman is rarely in the office despite getting paid $40,000 for the role and provides little direction, oversight and leadership. Fact 7 I am neither a board or staff member and am simply a member of hapu who follows iwi business closely through attending hui, reading minutes and reports, attending AGMS and informing myself as to the facts.

    2. What about the pakeha the iwi pay to keep us out of financial trouble?

      Murray Haines earns over $100k+ a year to be the Chief Financial Officer and we have still lost over $5 million of settlement money in 5 years on bad financial investments. The CFO should stop this from happening but he is probably on the tit too. $500k+ to a pakeha accountant and we still lose millions over those years? He's a bloody crook too. Guarantee he's only there because he has probably been the one given the job of hiding all the backroom deals. Wait til the heat really goes on and questions start being asked, Haines will go down with the rest of them. The question is WHO is keeping him there and WHY?

    3. Murray Haines raised his concerns of the previous CEO and his fathers' spending ideals, I am sure the previous General Manager Mr Tiaki Hunia can support this, he too had issues with the previous CEO and his father's elusive spending. Tiaki left, didn't want the CEO's job because he didn't want to be Wira's puppet, and knew that eventually the Iwi would wake up....

      So your question, who is pulling the strings? my guess, the same fella who has been doing it for a long time.... and believes that he is accountable to noone, only Ngati Awa is accountable to him....

    4. Another guesser.

      Tiaki left because Jamie Tuuta was paying him nearly double. Tiaki left because he could work in Wellington and live in Auckland where his wife was picking up Ngati Whatua mahi.

      That's why he left. He said so himself. I would too for his pay.

    5. Yes Wira is the puppet master. Yes Tiaki probably left because he knew that the CEO job means playing puppet to Wira. Everyone knows being CEO of TRONA meant being a puppet for Wira and/or Hirini.

      That's why Enid got the job. If you be a puppet for the sirs, you move up the ladder like she has. If you oppose them, you get thrown off.

      It's so rotten > the only way sure way to make sure the bad apples are gone from the runanga is to tip the whole cart. Vote them all out in October and start again with skilled uri who are devoted to the iwi and not themselves. WE NEED CHANGE AND REAL FAST!

    6. Just shows how much you know. After Joe retired as General Manager both his brother Peter Mason and Wira held the job as acting CEOs. The Runanga approved their appointments. Long before Jeremy was appointed CEO Enid was the top candidate in the process that followed Wira's departure. Independent HR people ranked her far ahead of the other candidates. Hirini did not approve. He told the Board he did not support her. Wi Araroa told Hirini he had no right to block Enid getting recommended let alone appointed without it going to the Board first. Another process was followed and the role readvertised. The candidates left were Jeremy and Koro Wi Keepa. The Runanga picked Jeremy. If you think Joe Mason as GM was ever a puppet for Hirini then you don't know either of them. So blandy saying being CEO means kowtowing to Wira or Hirini is wrong. If you think Enid is a puppet for Wira ask the other NAGHL directors who was the director most likely to get thrown off NAGHL by Wira for questioning Board decisions and bringing them to the Runanga then being shut down regularly by Te Kei and before him by Hirini. The audio recordings of the Board meetings are proof of this. CEO of the Runanga is a lesser role for Enid than NASH. Bigger staff, far bigger budget than the Runanga. It's hardly a step up to go to a smaller role.

      Enid got the job because 16 out of 22 board members voted for her. So a more than two thirds majority. Not all of the Board were even at the hui so the margin of thos e in attendance makes the percentage even higher. That's why Enid got the job.

      Good luck with your efforts to "tip the whole cart".

  7. If the settlement was signed by Boyz club chiefs (called mandated negotiators) in 2005, it has taken 8 years for some of them to "start a journey of self-discovery." How long will it take to "walk amongst the people, I wonder?" I predicted in 2002 that this Runanga had it wrong - and it has taken 11 years for the ill-effects I identified, then, to slowly but surely show. The current situation of the "cracks" of poor accountability by the "Sirs" and demi-gods of Ngati Awa starting to become so obvious is because they now have greatest difficulty "covering up and glossing-over" the truth.

    1. Tautoko Tautoko very well said^^^^ stand up Ngati Awa, we shouldnt have to put up with this from our leaders. SIR hirini and SIR wira. What a joke - How can you think your chief of the tribe if you live in wellington. Wens the last time anyone seen the sirs peeling spuds at the marae? Too busy getting fat off our settlement and getting awards from the balleadz/. The crown crushed us and nearly took all our land under raupatu. Then sid and them sign us up for a settlement of crumbs and then take knighthoods from the thieves that took our land in the first place. Our whakatohea relation Dr Ranginui Walker told the Crown to get stuffed and that he didnt want one.

      Ranginui Walker - real leader
      Wira and Sid - wannabe ballead, sell out agents of the crown

    2. While it is true that men dominate in governance and leadership roles in Ngati Awa, let's not kid ourselves that the Gurlz Club is any better either. The recent antics in the Maori Women's Welfare League has exposed the petty rivalries, jealousies and power struggles that continue to haunt that organisation including the refusal to appoint one of our own Ngati Awa women as CEO. That same woman was also dumped on from on high by the female head of FOMA.

      Plus don't forget anyone can stand for hapu delegate, male or female and it is the Runanga who makes all of these appointments including in case it's lost on you the first FEMALE CEO since 1980. So it was the Runanga who appointed the negotiators and the NAGHL directors. If there was such a problem as you imply then the Runanga could have easily removed them. Women continue to dominate debate at Runanga level of this current crop - just read the minutes - and you will find untold references to Gina OBrien, Materoa Dodd, Enid Ratahi, Merepeka Sisley, before her Helen Sisley, Manu Glen and others. Same thing at Kahui Kaumatua, the kuia have just as much say and input as the men, just ask Hana Tutua. So a bit of balance here please.

      Also there is all of this furore because a previous CEO lost money in a bad investments and didn't give the Runanga members the full picture, plain and simple. NAGHL also lost money on two bad investments like practically every major investment company in NZ including the Superannuation Fund. And at least they didn't embezzle any like that other well known BOP business "woman" from Kawerau who is still trying to settle the case for $millions. Good hard Kawerau land owners.

      Take that on board too people, go and have a closer look at what money is being wasted hand over fist in our land trusts and incorporations including corporate box seats and tickets for the trustees and their whanau. You will find a lot more going on there.

      Take a good look at Ngati Awa. We're in a lot better shape than many others. So while there have been losses, there have been many gains too in education, health, social services and asset growth. Much more to do of course but $110 million after 8 years. Not too bad really.

      As for your predictions, try and give us the weather patterns. At least that might be useful.

    3. Our kaumatua don't peel spuds at the back. If yours do then you're abusing them. We honour and respect our kaumatua by supporting them at the pae, with hauora programmes and golf tournaments and trips out of the rohe. Why would we ask an 86 year old to peel spuds? Hirini grew up in the depression. He was very poor like most of his generation. No dole then. No DPB. No drugs to sell to our rangatahi. No full on domestic violence like now. Not as many porangi people lying around with too much time on their hands.

      Hirini like many elders has lived and full and successful life full of achievement and self sacrifice. Just ask his kids. Just ask his peers. Like Ranginui. Like Wharehuia. Like Kara Puketapu. Like Whatarangi. They tautoko him to this day.

      The funniest part is that nothing you say will change a single thing. But then someone like you never changes anything.

    4. Hey - I'm the one who wrote about the Boyz club just starting a journey of "self-discovery." I'm still learning to drive this waka, and would prefer to disclose my identity because that's the honourable thing to do when engaging in hot debate where peoples are named. So, everyone, in my "computer geek ignorance," I now REVEAL my identity as Rihi Vercoe - surprise, suprise!! When I get around to it - I will learn to show my name instead of this anonymous "huna ki muri o te arai." Mauri ora nga uri tu mataara. Aue te aroha.

  8. Hirini Mead has done more for Ngati Awa than people like you will every achieve in several lifetimes. Even now he is still working tirelessly for the iwi when he will be 87 at his next birthday. Without his vision and leadership we would be where some of our neighbours are now. Fighting each other in court. Looking enviously across the Ohiwa harbour to the infrastructure and services the iwi provide with the paltry settlement.

    As well as Ngati Awa I affiliate to Whakatohea and Tuhoe and I can tell you from those perspectives we have a lot to learn. Just as Ngati Awa can learn from our other two iwi in terms of kahpa haka and the traditional arts.

    Hirini Mead kept the unity of the iwi together to achieve the settlement. His vision also ensured the return of Mataatua and the creation of Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi, one of only three tribal wananga in existence. He has also contributed enormously to scholarship, the revival of Maori arts and culture and the publication of more books than any other Maori writer over the last half century.

    The biggest mistake he ever made was standing down as chairman of the Runanga.

    What have you ever done can I ask for the iwi?

    1. Tautoko. And as for that other comment above comparing Ranginui with Hirini, both are great Mataatua leaders and serve side by side on the Waitangi tribunal where finally the Crown acknowledges their expertise. As for knighthoods, the award given to them both is the same. Labour abolished knighthoods, much like the foreshore and seabed - without a mandate - then National said those of you like Rangi and Hirini can be called Sir if you want. It's still the same award. Ranginui declined. So they have the same award they just chose to be referred to differently. I understand part of the rationale for many award receivers to opt for the formal title was so that it would also give some recognition to their long suffering wives. If Ranginui was all staunch as you suggest he would have simply declined the award altogether. He didn't and nor should he. He just chooses not to be called Sir. good on him. It's still the same award. Did you also know our Whakatohea side are still trying to get a mandate together for a settlement? We rejected it in 1996 simply because Delamere and co signed it before bringing it back to hapu for discussion. Ngati Awa voted on the settlement BEFORE it was signed. By an overwhelming margin it was approved by the people. A tiny handful rejected it but still have their hands out for funding now that the settlement is in place. That's why there was not the level of opposition that happened in Whakatohea. The iwi and hapu discussed the settlement well before it was signed. Out of 22 hapu only one voted against it. Tells you something doesn't it.

    2. I thought this comment from another entry put the case well:

      Mataatua is back with Ngati Awa because of the vision of Hirini Mead. He fought for it to be returned since the 1950s when Eruera Manuera first mentioned it to him. When the board as set up in 1980 he ensured that it was one of the four tasks set for the iwi along with the return of the Ngati Awa Station, the Raupatu Claim and Putauaki. Hirini then included the story of the whare in his work on the Confederation of the Ngati Awa Tribes in 1984. He then included it in 1988 in the Wai 46 Ngati awa claim. All through these years he kept writing and researching about the taking of the wharenui from Ngati Awa and maintaining the support of the hapu. Once he became a negotiator and delegate he worked tirelessly for its return. He led the research, the claims and the negotiations. When it was returned in 1996 all of Ngati Awa supported this outcome. One or two waha korero told him no settlement money was to be spent and that he had to find his own funding. And that was a rawaho too. But Hirini did, he went out and got the funding. Of course once that happened the whakaputa mohio brigade wanted then to get their hands on it. But like in most things, they failed. So thanks to Hirini and the kaumatua and hapu who have stead-fastedly supported him over the last 30 years, the wharenui is back at home.

    3. Why should we praise sid for getting that settlement? $42 mil for all our land? OUR NEGOTIATORS SOLD US OUT!!!

      Look at Tuhoe there leaders drew a line in the sand and said "we want Te Urewera back", many Govts cracked up at them thinking that was some kind of joke - now look Te Urewera geared to eventually return back to full Tuhoe control AND get $170 mil.

      Why do we blow so much smoke up Sids arse for that settlement. It was a shit settlement but him and the other greedy bastards just wanted to get their hands on the cash so they could start getting rich.

      Ngati Awa settlement = crumbs thrown to the rats (our negotiators) to keep them quiet. All crumbs end up in about 5 patakas anyway. The other 18,000 of us in the iwi get kore.

      Sidney & other negotiators - crown puppets and academics who bought right in to the system and sold their people out for $42 mill.

      Mataatua Wharenui - A multi million dollar hang out for Sidney and the other rats to prove they are just as good at being pakehas as the pakehas when the GOVT come to town and try con us again (RENA mahi, oil drilling etc). The place will suck the iwi dry in the end. To make it worse that mana munchin wannabe Scribblemug n sids daughter were playing catch and kiss down there even though they both married. But he no doubt performed the right 'karakia' so maybe the tupuna didn't mind? Pouroto alright, pou roto i te somewhere it shouldn't be. Poor Len.

      Awanuiarangi wasn't Sid's idea either, he just copied Winiata and the Raukawa model. Out of the 3 (Raukawa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa) Awanui performs abysmally.

      The money for to rebuild mātaatua came out of a negotiation with the Govt around Bonicsh Road
      so sid and them didn't find the money - they sold more of our land to the govt to get it!

      Sid has done a lot of great work as an academic but we can't keep praising his work on the settlement - it was a joke, a rip off. I still remember when my relation Manu and the 'radicals' were trying to physically stop the settlement (and how petrified Pouroto was of getting a dong from Manu!!!) - and Sid and them told them they were nutters and signed it anyway. SOLD THE IWI OUT. WANKERS.

      And I heard the runanga still pays for his and Junes trips from Poneke to here? Why does someone that apparently has so much aroha for the iwi choose to live in Poneke and expect us to fly him home to be the chief?

    4. Sir Hirini did not create Awanuiarangi it was created before he arrived, that was done with Uncle Joe Mason and Manu Paul, Hirini and co attempted to frame Manu Paul for financial mismanagement, which was far from the truth.

      Aunty Huia, started the journey of progressing towards settlement out of her own pocket, and then Hirini joined the frey. While she respected Hirini, she did not agree with some of his re-phrasing of raupatu and the hitori of our tipuna's slaughter, and when she would raised these issues she would get bombarded with academia.

      You talk about unity, what unity and where in Ngati Awa is there unity only with the Sirs. Ngati Awa has given both him and Wira a golden handshake. Like the whanaunga said, we never see them at the celebrations unless we have royalty or VIP's.

      The Sirs sold our grievances for a penny, and went through the back door, instead of the front for our settlement. This is what we are left with, a whole lot of rubbish and fragmentation.

      We must all find a way to move forward without the Sirs and their bumbuoys.

    5. Manu Paul? Ask Kiwinui. He took $10K is fees and was forced to pay it back. That was in 1980s dollars so worth a lot more today. That was after his cousin Peter Rkys embezzled $100,000. Ask Ngati Manawa if Manu Paul is a honest with tribal funds. Isn't it strange that wherever he goes with money involved there is always a problem. Now Eddie Durie and Donna Hall are trying to get rid of him from the NZMC.

      Ask anyone in Education who has credibility to advance a wananga. Awanuiarangi exists today through the efforts of Hirini. Not the people you mention. Ask Joe Mason, he'll tell you. Hirini's name in education opens doors that would be permanently locked to the likes of Manu Paul.

      Hirini was working on the raupatu in 1981 soon after the Board was established. Before then many of our tipuna did likewise from 1867, during the 1920s and up through the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Hirini was simply the leader of his generation who led it to the successful conclusion that the people of Ngati Awa voted on overwhelmingly. He would be the first to recognise that the settlement was a collective effort of many many people and that was supported by the hapu.

      Your tipuna? Only Taiwhakaea, Rangihouhiri, Hikakino and Tawera were involved in the battles and suffered major losses and imprisonment. Oh yes, ONE person claiming to be from another hapu was also imprisoned. Another stayed there fo 5 minutes. The rest either sided with the Kawana or hid away until Te Kooti came through in 1869 and smoked a few of the kupapa.

      Hirini attends many tribal hui and gatherings. Has done since the 1940s. You probably weren't even born then. There are heaps of photos proving the fact including the Eruera Manuera Lectures that he instituted in June each year. He attends wananga, hui, tangi and hura kohatu. If you knew him you'd know this.

      Shows you don't know nothing about the wananga. Raukawa is the one struggling. Read their annual report. Compare that to Awanuiarangi.

      The people voted for the settlement. However you might try nothing can change that fact.

    6. The iwi and hapu voted for the settlement.

      A tiny handful didn't. About 1%.

      Just in case you missed it, the iwi and hapu voted for the settlement.

      Saying they didn't 42 million times won't change that they did. Nothing you every say will change that fact. If all you can do is shout abuse, ka pai. Go hard. Nothing you say will change anything. That much is certain.

      As for commenting on personal lives, let those without sin cast the first stone. You won't even be reaching for a pebble. Gee whiz, extra marital affairs. How shocking.

      Pouroto is not perfect. He never claimed to be. He has skills few in Ngati Awa have. Especially in the traditional arts.

    7. Manu was getting the dong off Christian.

      Another guesser.

  9. I 'had' respect for Enid. Thought she was a very clever lady. What a pity she gets confused on which cap to wear and in which situation to wear it. She certainly has a way with words, can tell you that. I was at the latest hui at Te Whare o Toroa Marae, was amazed at the supposedly awkward position this blog puts the "Runanga" in. (If they were doing the right thing by the people, why would they even care about exposure from this blog?). Enid made a point of singling out the Author of this blog like she didn't know her. (How do you head an Iwi and not know your own Roihana Whanau?) She put her high heel in her Mouth that night & went all around the questions asked, as a tool to confuse the Whanau in attendance. At the times she realised her heel was in her Mouth she (with panic on her face) looked to her lapdog to answer. Pouroto, didn't hear you because "I didn't want to hear you". Oh and to end my little spiel can I just say two things......Shame on you Enid!!......Ko KEREU te Awa (Aue! Kereru?).......You wana use it, then do make sure you get it right!!... Pouroto, Stop being the face of Ngati-Awa. Rather Extremely embarrassing, considering the dis-respect you performed in the Mataatua Wharenui...tut tut!!... (i make no apologies for my personal insults, you wanna put yourself at the frontline of an Iwi, then darn right you gotta handle the abuse). Deny it all you want, the notches are there to prove it...

    1. Again, abuse is no substitute for argument. It just shows that you have nothing. You sound frustrated. Stand for the Runanga. Let's see if you get in. I won't hold my breath.

    2. Again, a so called academic attempting to oppress the cuzzie above. Way to go cuzzie and all the other cuzzies of Ngati Awa who are keeping the pressure on via this blog, and of course a big "Urah" to Karla for coming home and using her skills to enlighten the people!!!

    3. People like Karla come and go. They either get bought off, sell out or go mad. Or they fizzle out and run away. Just look at all of the other know it alls trying to tell us what to do over the last 30 years. Go hard. You'll fail. Just like all the rest. Nothing much will change. You can't even get a decent crowd to the marae for working bees, fundraising or 100 year birthdays. Meanwhile out reo is going down the drain, we cannot man our pae and our kids are learning waiata from other iwi.

    4. Pouroto and Hinauri? Boring.

      That's old news.

      Tell us something new.

    5. ae thats only bad morals and hurtful to their families lets not worry about that lets just ignore it and move on. Pouroto is still a good leader and dep chair for Ngati Awa even though he's a serial adulter and a wife basher and the biggest sleaze in the tribe . Man I hope my sons grow up to be just like him and follow the footsteps of our leader and have the cheek to use our whare TIPUNA to score another mans wife and break up families.

      If u are a young woman who has had anything to do with him THEN U KNO WHAT A CREEP HE IS! Hes got u all fooled ay He must be a real tohunga tho because he does a few karakia and everyone forgets how porangi and sleazy he is and that he dug up his kuia to get a taonga. Then he used another karakia to get hinauris pants off at the wharenui. The man.

      Everyones worried about losing money and not getting this and that but look at the type of people we call leaders. disgusting. No one can tell me a pig like Pouroto is fit to lead our people. Do some investigation into HIS background and you will see why.

      that must be old news too ay?

    6. It takes two to tango as they say. Maybe you didn't get to go there? Hence your obvious frustrated tone. Do you know how Patuwai got its name? Because the chief Tawhiwhi of Ngai Te Hapu was drowned at sea. He took off depressed and unhappy because the chiefs would not allow him to take revenge on Te Putarera for having an affair with his wife. Do you know why Ngatoroirangi left Arawa and nearly sank it at Matata? Because Tamatekapua did the same with Natoroirangi's wife. Infidelity is a Pakeha word. So the behaviour you criticise has been with us since the waka arrived and before. I don't condone or criticise it. Just pointing out that it's nothing new. Who appointed you moral guardian?

      I think more damaging to our people is the peddling of drugs to our rangatahi by people sitting on the Runanga and on our pae. Trading in the misery of others for profit. Now that's amoral.

      If you know our history disinterring from urupa is so common. You sound shocked. Back in the day our tipuna would dig up enemies from urupa and eat them. It's a fact, they said so themselves. Gleefully. So retrieving a whanau taonga that his aunt tried to stop her sister from getting sounds fine to me. Now it's in the museum the whole whanau can enjoy the taonga. The kui never said she wanted it buried with her.

      If all you can do is hurl abuse then you are what you are, an abuser. Go and tell Pouroto. If you've got the guts. Go on.
      Didn't think so.

    7. Because you engage in personal abuse your credibility is not much. Get him voted off Tawera hapu if you're so concerned. Get him voted out as Runanga deputy chair. If you can. Go and give a story to a Woman's mag. Make a complaint to the police. You go hard. See where you get to. Some of his misguided Rota relations tried the same thing and failed. You will fail too. Pouroto is no angel and he never said he was. He does a lot for iwi and hapu. I support that.

      In any case there are plenty of domestic violence abusers sitting on our pae, the Runanga and other positions of responsibility in te ao Maori. We even have drug dealers there sitting up proud on our Ngati Awa pae and on the Runanga. Trading in the misery of hundreds of our people pushing them deeper into pyschosis and many forms of mate Maori. People like you are strangely silent on the impact of alcohol and drug abuse being perpetrated on our women and children on a daily basis. All you can do is abuse one individual who you have a problem with. Why don't you go and tell Pouroto what you think. Then we'll see who is the real man.

  10. Funny you should say that...Don't hold your breath, you'll die. I'm already a member of the Runanga!!.... hahahaha #farfromfrustrated.....#100%pissed@oppressorswithbrownfaces.

    1. So you are complicit in the failures then? What a surprise. Don't tell me, you spoke out against it all, wa wa wa. Course you did. Take a stand then. Vote the CEO out. Remove all the NAGHL directors. Move a motion. Do it. I dare you. See how far you get, you tiger you.

      Good to see we still have board members of integrity and honesty in our midst.

      Yeah right.

    2. In your dreams. What a guesser.

    3. Hurry up and get your moko kauae. We need a good laugh. You wouldn't even be in a job if it wasn't for Enid. I hear though that all your email traffic and internet access is getting reviewed "kare". I also hear Paul Mabey in Tauranga is a good employment lawyer. You might need to give him a ring. Soon. Pai to haere, e kare.

  11. Sounds like that 1st reply come from frustration from the truth. 2nd reply is correct. Don't hold your breathe unless you are going diving for the Iwi some Kaimoana.

    1. If you are a board member sitting silently knowing all of this carry on is happening you are worse than the perpetrators.

      You are there. You get the information.

      Do something about it. In the light of day. So we can support you. At the next hui.

  12. We dive for kaimoana for our hapu, not the iwi.

  13. Again, I want to commend the author of this page for having the balls to put her full "real name"to all that she writes in here not like us anonymous fullas eh. I know for a fact that the brown faced oppressors, are deeply concerned that information is being shared among it's people, not just from Karla alone but from all who contribute to this blog. Come on my people, lets prepare ourselves to take on our so called leaders and stop this dictatorship.

    1. In my experience dictatorship in tribal terms is when a minority try and tell the engaged majority what to do, how to pick their Runanga delegates, how to vote, what to vote on and what to vote for.

      All the information is available if you go and ask for it. If you have a kore take delegate get rid of them. We did. Worked a treat. Now we get all of the information and make informed decisions. Other hapu actually send reps to our marae meetings to find out what is going on.

      A dictator is the abuser who inflicts pain and harm physically and mentally on the defenceless and the weak. Brown faced oppressors are the domestic violence males (mostly)who brutalise our women and children on a regular basis, who sell drugs to our rangatahi and who steal the innocence from our babies. Brown faced oppressors are listed up on the Sensible Sentencing Trust website. Go in and check out some names of the registered sex offenders in our midst. You will be surprised. Now protecting the old and the young and our women from these abusers, that's important. But all of that is just too hard aye.

    2. Tautoko e hoa, tautoko!! So many of us can relate to your points of interest above and thank you, for raising the awareness of such an important take. It is "too hard" because of the people we call "kaumatua". The only way to deal with the animals who commit these heinous crimes, is through the pakeha justice system... but noooooooooo!!, women who are brave enough to come forward and expose these morons for their monstrous acts, are placed under enormous pressure to let the "hapu elders"deal with them."Gather the kaumatua they cry and let them be the "judge and jury",what a load of crock! " I have witnessed such a trial and felt sick to the pit of my puku at the shonky, ego massaging pricks calling themselves kaumatua, trivialising these acts and giving these animals the freedom to re offend."I don't need to look up any website to find out who the perpetrators are, most of us know who they are and yet the decisions of our so called "leaders" fails our wahine terribly. These animals need to be put before the courts, have a very public trial and then be locked away until the day they go to hell.

  14. Seriously, all you people have to much spare time on your hands. Stop bickering, and moaning and talking about other people's personal lives. Do something! If you think you can govern our Iwi, do it. It's easier said than done, ya bunch of moaning twits!

  15. kia ora whaanau